Activate Safari 3 Web Inspector

Debugging HTML Code, CSS and JavaScript is an essential Task for Web Developers:

Every Browser has its own toolset for that:

So what do we poor Safari developers have???

The Safari Web Inspector!

  1. Just open the terminal and perform the command
    defaults write IncludeDebugMenu 1
  2. Restart Safari
  3. Open the newly added Menu “Develop” and see for yourself

The Web Inspector includes the Error Console to see JavaScript Errors and (which I find very helpful) the Network Timeline, which shows you in which order the artefacts of your page have been loaded.

Safari Web Inspector

If you want to inspect certain elements of the page in the code, just right click in Safari on the element you want to inspect and choose “Element-Information”

Inspect Element

Just click your way around and you will never want to miss it again ;-)