SharePoint Software Factory for VS2012 released

SharePoint Software FactoryFinally, after quite some effort, Torsten and I migrated the SharePoint Software Factory to Visual Studio 2012, also thanks to Microsoft releasing the Guidance Automation Toolkit for VS2012.

The new version SPSF4.1 comes only as Visual Studio extension available directly from the Visual Studio Gallery. We removed the installation helper from the previous versions as we figured that developers should be capable enough to install the prerequisites by themselves ;-)

You can dowload the latest release from the VS gallery or as usual from the CodePlex page, which is still the best place for issues, discussions and feedback.

The development of the VS2008/VS2010 version is discontinued and the new version will only support SharePoint 2010 and 2013. The old release 3.2 can still be used of course and is also available on CodePlex.

Updates with more SP2013 support will come soon to the new SPSF for Vs2012.

Here are the release notes of the current version:

v4.1.0.7601 (2013-03-16)



  • Removed support for Visual Studio 2008/2010 (use SPSF 3.2)
  • Removed support for Hive project structure (use SPSF 3.2)
  • Removed support for MOSS2007
  • Renamed SharePointTargets.targets to SPSF.targets
  • Removed Farm Solution Deployment recipes (use VS or CKSDev instead), sandboxed solution and quick deploy are still included.
  • Removed debugging recipes (use VS or CKSDev instead)
  • Removed configuration project template
  • SharePoint project will still create WSP on every build but won’t copy them to the deployment project
  • Deployment project collects all WSPs from the whole solution and has a build dependency on als SharePoint projects
  • Updated SharePoint version recipe to include all known SharePoint versions
  • Updated images to look nicer in VS2012
  • Selection treeviews now sorted and “[Elements in this solution]” is now on the top to find elements easier.
  • Improved general usability of dialogs/wizards


  • Administration page recipe now generates designer.cs
  • Application page recipe now generates designer.cs
  • Uses any StyleCop Version
  • Fixed Feature Dependency dialog to show again “[Elements in this solution]”
  • Fixed Ribbon Tab Recipe
  • Fixed PSScript Recipe
  • Fixed Sequential Workflow not naming constructor correctly
  • Fixed multiple minor bugs and issues

Known Bugs

  • Project templates are not yet working, to add a new SharePoint project use the VS standard templates, move the project into the “Solutions” folder and run the “Update Project to current SPSF version” recipe
  • Site Definitions recipes are not yet updated to SP2013