SPSD 5 released!

BannerGross_SPSDFinally after long developing and testing I released the next major release of the SharePoint Solution Deployer PowerShell script!

SharePoint Solution Deployer, short SPSD, is a highly configurable but easy to use PowerShell script to deploy WSPs to SharePoint 2010/2013. It runs important prerequisite checks, post deployment actions and allows to “hook” in your custom PowerShell actions. It is optimized to be used for staging environments and team development by supporting different configurations with one set of scripts.

This new release includes many bugfixes and improvements based on community feedback from the CodePlex site.

Thank you!

The biggest addition (and the reason for a major release) is the new extension system which is described in the next post “Building your own extension for SPSD”.

SPSD v5.0.3.6438

  • New: SPSD now has an extension system which allow you to create your custom PowerShell extensions and integrate them in the deployment process!
  • New: Added and example extension
  • New: Environment file can now be passed as parameter to the batch files
  • New: Added timestamps to better measure execution time
  • New: Added new deployment command “Ask” which asks the user for the deployment command.
  • New CP16167: SPSD now works also when run though an application (e.g. console app), output will be just logged into the log file
  • New: Countdown after deployment until windows closes
  • Updated: SharePointVersions.xml to include new SharePoint versions for SP2010/SP2013
  • Changed: Renamed CustomTarget SkipSolution to ProcessSolution
  • Changed: Stability improvements
  • Changed: Memory disposal improvements
  • Fixed CP16490: Incompatible with PowerShell 4.0 due to switch statements
  • Fixed CP16441: Compatibility Level ignored for global deploys
  • Fixed: CloseAllPSSessions had unused parameter in signature
  • Fixed: Startup in batch with relative path when not running from cmdline was failing when user UAC was enabled