#SP24 slides and video “Developing high quality SharePoint solutions/apps with SPCAF”

After organizing SP24 on 16th/17th of April and SP24 Rewound 5 weeks later, we are finally done! :)

And I have to say, not without some pride, that we have exceeded our own expectations with a whooping 7500 attendees making SP24 the second biggest SharePoint Conference worldwide after SPC :)

I am planning to write a blog post about our 10month journey making all of this happen but for now, I leave you with my own session slides and video about using SPCAF to quality check your custom solutions and apps.

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Developing high quality SharePoint solutions/apps with SPCAF


SharePoint development and fun do not always have much in common! Everyone who has ever developed for SharePoint in Visual Studio might know what I mean. Even a small SharePoint solution consist already of a large amount of different files (xml, cs, js, css, resx, jpg, aspx, etc) which may be structured differently depending on the preferences and experience of the developer.

Particularly the extensive XML Schema for manifest.xml, feature.xml, element.xml, Content Types, List Definitions, etc. is an endless source of surprise and cannot be debugged at all in Visual Studio.

As a way out, many developers choose to develop standard SharePoint artefacts programmatically rather than following the declarative approach which make the solutions even more complex.
As a result it is really hard to analyze SharePoint solutions, find violations against the XML schema, best practices, coding guidelines or to pinpoint performance sinks and cyclomatic dependencies of artefacts. Neither Visual Studio nor other tools like FXCop, StyleCop etc. allow to perform SharePoint specific automatic code analysis.

This session will show the SharePoint code analysis framework (SPCAF) available at www.spcaf.com which addresses exactly this gap and you will learn how to easily develop your own rules for it.

Thanks to all attendees, speakers, anchors, sponsors and team who have participated in this great adventure!
More to come! :)
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