SPC Adriatics 2014 recap and slides

Last week I had the pleasure to speak at the “Probably best SharePoint conference in the world” SPC Adriatics in Zagreb, Crotia.
Being a conference organizer myself with SharePoint Saturday Stockholm, I have to congratulate the team Nenad TrajkovskiAdis Jugo and Toni Frankola to deliver a perfect event which does not have to hide from any other commercial conference I know of.

On the contrary, being a speaker, there has never been and event where I was so well taken care of in regards of accommodation, food, drinks and lots of friends around me. Just awesome! Thank you!

I had the pleasure to talk about two of my favorite topics:

Assuring the Code Quality of SharePoint Solutions and Apps

SharePoint Continuous Integration with VS Online and Azure

You can find the code for the SharePoint solution PowerShell Script I used on GitHub and on the corresponding CodePlex project of the SharePoint Solution Deployer (SPSD).
The HowTo “Deploying Provider Hosted SharePoint Apps to Azure” can be found Kirk Evans’ blog

Thanks everyone for attending! Hope to see you again next year!