I am on the road again! Watch out!

One of the advantages of being your own boss is, that you can mostly decide yourself what to do with your time. Even better if it is also for the benefit of your company.

For those who know me personally probably know that I just love to speak! (and talk, but that is a different story ;))

So this first half year of 2015 I am stepping up my game!

As it would become quite boring on my blog if I announce every single one of my speaking engagements in a separate post, I am summarizing here where you will be able to hear and meet me in the next couple of months.

It started already this year with organizing and speaking at SharePoint Saturday Stockholm on 14th of February. If you like you can read my little recap here and take a look at some pictures on our Flickr account.

15933637123_fb2b79f14a_z On stage with fellow co-organizer Erwin van Hunen at SPS Stockholm 2015

Next up was basta.net in Darmstadt, Germany two weeks ago where I gave two sessions. Basta is a pure .NET developer conference with a single SharePoint track. It was very interesting to meet and talk to people who are usually not attending SharePoint-only events and aren’t so deep into it to hear about the challenges they are facing. For example the app model is still a fantasy from the far future for many as some of them still run SharePoint 2007… Not kidding! They also still run Office2003 and just started to upgrade Windows XP to Windows7. Amazing, isn’t it?

Today I am on my way to Erding (close to Munich, Germany), where I am having crazy three sessions in two days at the “SharePoint konferenz” before I will fly to Finland for the weekend to the inaugural SharePoint Saturday Helsinki.

April will be even more fun. I have the pleasure to hold the keynote at the Metalogix roadshow “SharePoint & Office365 Roadmap to the Cloud” in Cologne, Germany on April 16th directly followed by speaking at SharePoint Saturday Antwerp in Belgium on April 18th, before I head to London to probably the best SharePoint conference on the planet I know of: The SharePoint Evolution Conference happening from April 20th – 23nd! Unfortunately I am not speaking there, so this will be the only event so far, that I am just attending. But this will be also a lot of fun! :)

May is going to be a little bit more relaxed, again with speaking the keynote at the Metalogix roadshow on May 21st, this time in Copenhagen followed by the inaugural SharePoint Saturday Paris on 30th of May.

Less than two weeks after I am going to have a session at the ShareConf in Düsseldorf, Germany on June 8th – 11th.

That’s about it for now. We will see what else comes along.
If you happen to be around at one of those events then I am looking forward to meet you!

I want to thank all the event organizers who still not seem to be fed up by me and last but not least my wonderful and understanding family who let me go on such a tour!

See you around!