SPS Munich 2015: A look back at a fantastic day


Hosting the first SPS event in Germany was a huge honor (hard work!) and something we really look forward to doing again. We hope to see many new and old faces once again in 12 months where we promise more learning, more fun and more beer!

Read the entire recap with slidedecks an pictures on the SPCAF.com blog


We’ll leave you with some of the thoughts from this year’s speakers. Vielen Dank!

Spencer Harbar: “This was by a very long stretch the best organised SPSat i’ve been involved with – and that organisation was not obvious. It was first class – an example for others to aspire to. Well played indeed”

Mikael Svenson:“Probably the best event I’ve been to, regardless of Saturday or paid. Good attendance, extremely well organized, and super venue/food/service. How many conferences treat you to this much good food and drink? :)”

Donald Hessing: “Absolutely brilliant – even the tourist information was rock solid!”

Andrew Connell: “Very professional run event, from the days leading up to it with communication to even the day after. Very impressive!”

Jeremy Thake: “I haven’t been to a SPSaturday in a while because I have so many other commitments. I was really impressed with the quality of the execution of this event, the venue, the food and the attendees! Congrats to everyone involved. It was great to see everyone there too. So proud to be a part of this community!”.

Tobias Zimmergren: “This was the first event I’ve attended since I joined the Rencore team and I couldn’t have been happier. Having been to quite a few – free and commercial – it was by far the best community event I’ve attended to date. Very well organized by Matt, Monika and the crew and a lot of great talent in the speaker lineup, which you don’t see every day!”