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Coming originally from Bavaria in Germany, I currently live in Stockholm, Sweden and work there as a team lead for a SharePoint consulting team. I started developing for SharePoint 2003 in 2005 and worked as developer and architect ever since. Now I am primarily focusing on SharePoint 2010/2013 solution architecture, development and optimizing development processes. I am Certified SCRUM Master and Product Owner, MCPD and MCITP in SharePoint 2010 and certified in Team Foundation Server. In my “free time” I develop open source tools i.e. the SharePoint Software Factory and SharePoint Solution Deployer to improve and standardize SharePoint development. I also develop a process called SharePoint application lifecycle process (SPALM) which I train at seminars to SharePoint developers. I am a speaker at SharePoint conferences, usergroups and Microsoft roadshows.

How to: Using Azure Analytics to track usage of your Office 365 portal

Are you looking for answers to questions like: How are people using my Intranet? How many people are visiting which pages? How long do they stay on each section? Then head over to my blog at to learn How to use Azure Analytics to track usage of your Office 365 portal  

I am on the road again! Watch out!

One of the advantages of being your own boss is, that you can mostly decide yourself what to do with your time. Even better if it is also for the benefit of your company. For those who know me personally probably know that I just love to speak! (and talk, but that is a different […]

SharePoint Online Client Object Model and PowerShell: Three tips

Over the years, SharePoint has evolved a lot and the powerful tool we know today has undergone some serious developments. SharePoint developers working on configuration of the platform for specific needs have seen solutions to their design needs improve too. However, it’s not always clear exactly which to use and when, so this post will […]

SPS Stockholm – Recap

Wow, what an experience! Event if you ever had the chance to attend a SharePoint Saturday or a similar free community event,  you probably don’t know what it means to organize such an event for 300 people in your free time. So in this post I just want to give you a glimpse on what is […]

Mastering Office 365 Development Patterns and Practices

The Microsoft of even just a few years ago was a very different beast. Few would have imagined Word on an Android tablet, or the open sourcing of the .NET framework. Yet the end of Steve Ballmer’s reign, and the incoming Satya Nadella, has seemingly given the company a real boost and a host of […]