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Building your own extension for SPSD

SharePoint Solution Deployer (SPSD) has grown to a quite big script and even though it supported custom targets/events from the beginning, it was fairly difficult to update SPSD and also re-use your custom PowerShell commands without intensive testing. The new extension system introduced with the recently released SPSD5 solves these problems. What is an extension? Basically […]

SPSD 5 released!

Finally after long developing and testing I released the next major release of the SharePoint Solution Deployer PowerShell script! SharePoint Solution Deployer, short SPSD, is a highly configurable but easy to use PowerShell script to deploy WSPs to SharePoint 2010/2013. It runs important prerequisite checks, post deployment actions and allows to “hook” in your custom […]

SPSD SharePoint Solution Deployer 4.2 released!

It took quite a while but finally I managed to release a new version of SharePoint Solution Deployer. The one and only PowerShell SharePoint Solution Deployment script you will ever want to use :) The new release has many, many new features, most of them suggested by the community on SPSD’s CodePlex page. Thanks everybody […]

PowerShell cmdlets to create and remove a ContentType hub

These two PowerShell cmdlets can be used to quickly create or remove a SharePoint ContentType hub site collection and configure the Managed Metadata Service Application accordingly. I created the cmdlets to use them as post-deployments custom actions in SPSD SharePoint Solution Deployer Note: The script assumes that the “Managed Metadata Service Application” and the “Managed Metadata Service […]

Re-open accidentally closed WebParts in a publishing page

Recently I had the problem that WebParts which were placed in WebPart zones on a publishing page were accidentally “closed”. The usual way this can happen is if a page editor uses the “close” menuitem in the WebParts menu while editing the page. Unfortunately in my case it was a little more complex: As you […]