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SPCAF v4.3.5 released!

Yet another SPCAF release to make life easier for the SharePoint developer :) This release features primarily bug fixes and great performance improvements along with less memory consumption. All files required to run SPCAF on in Team Build on Team Foundation Server are now available as separate download. Changes Analysis runs now multi-threaded Reduced memory consumption […]

Free SPCop released to VS Gallery!

UPDATE: Since 1st of June 2015 SPCop (later renamed into SPCAF Developer Edition) is no longer available in the Visual Studio. You can read about why we decided to remove it on the SPCAF blog. Thank you everyone for your support! All features and many, many more are included in both SPCAF Developer and SPCAF Professional […]

SPCAF 4.1 available!

Finally after half a year of public beta testing we are proud to announce the first final public release of SPCAF. Several bugs have been fixed with your help and many new rules and features added. Have a look yourself! New Functionality Syntax highlighting for source code in rule reports New argument for command line […]

SPSD SharePoint Solution Deployer 4.2 released!

It took quite a while but finally I managed to release a new version of SharePoint Solution Deployer. The one and only PowerShell SharePoint Solution Deployment script you will ever want to use :) The new release has many, many new features, most of them suggested by the community on SPSD’s CodePlex page. Thanks everybody […]

Session slides from SharePoint konferenz Vienna

The last two days I was at the SharePoint conference in tropical Vienna (34 degrees Celcius!!!) and had a session about SharePoint ALM and SharePoint Code Analysis. With almost 400 participants, 4 tracks, loads of SharePoint experts and many beers at the event party at the beach, the conference was a huge success! :) Thanks […]