Release Notes (2013-05-27)



  • Fixed: Updated spsf.targets because disabling SPCAF in local release was not possible due to a false MSBuild property (Get SPCAF)
  • Fixed: Integration of StyleCop on RELEASE build with project specific setting.StyleCop
  • Fixed: Integration of SPDisposeChecker on RELEASE build
  • Fixed: Integration of FxCop on RELEASE build with project specific setting.FxCop
  • Fixed: Creating a CodeAnalysisResults subfolder in the output directory
  • Fixed (Almost): CP7458 VS2012: SPSF Projects Context Menu not showing. Still requires to restart Visual Studio and opening the created solution again to show up...
  • Fixed: CP7459 Localization issue with SPSD_Deployment.ps1
  • Fixed: CP7436 Error when creating a new Custom Action
  • Fixed: CP7433 Exception when trying to add Custom Form to ContentType
  • Fixed: CP7174 Error creating any Publishing Site Column
  • Fixed: CP6168 Crash on add new site column type of "Image with formatting and constraints for publishing"
  • Fixed: CP7173 Type or namespace error when creating ribbon custom action
  • Fixed: CP7045/CP6066 Exception when Import List Instance
  • Fixed: CP6847 Exception when Import List Definition
  • Fixed: CP6868 Page Layout with custom content type used Welcome Page content type (2013-04-29)


  • New: Delegate control recipe now provides all new delegate controls in SP2013 projects
  • New: New ItemEventReceivers added for SP2013 projects


  • Updated: SharePointVersions.xml to include build numbers and names up until SP2013 CU April 2013
  • Changed: Set the SPCAF default rules to the "ExtendedRecommendedRules.spruleset" for SPCAF (includes SP2010/2013 compatibility check)
  • Changed License to the weaker MS-PL to make it easier to use SPSF in customer projects
  • Changed: Removed unnecessary detailed logging to c:\SPSF.log file
  • Updated: HowTo's in SPSF help


  • Fixed: Encoding issue which happened in some environments with the PowerShell scripts of the deployment project (run "Update solution to current SPSF" recipe to fix existing projects)
  • Fixed: ItemEventReceivers recipe was not working correctly
  • Fixed: Site Column -> Person & Group was not setting "ShowField" property to "ImnName"
  • Fixed: List Definition property values for "Default" now in uppercase. "EnableModeration" remains CamelCase as requried by the XML schema
  • Fixed: Integrating SPCAF in local Release build failed in some cases (Get SPCAF)
  • Fixed: Integrating FxCop caused error in local Release build

v4.1.1.2493 (2013-03-27)


  • Generated links to resources in the _layouts folder were not linked correctly in SP2013 projects. The links have to point to _layouts/15, _controltemplates/15 etc. see also
  • Due to a bug in Visual Studio, SharePoint projects which reside in a solution folder are missing the "Deploy" command. So currently SPSF creates all projects in the solution root instead.
  • Fixed error in recipe "Update Solution to current SPSF" when trying to crate the deployment project
  • Fixed wrong VS version in csproj file of resources projects

v4.1.0.7601 (2013-03-17)



  • Added support for Visual Studio 2012
  • Added support for SharePoint 2013
  • New PowerShell based solution deployment package based SharePoint Solution Deployer
  • Added a deployment project recpide to allow multiple deployment projects
  • Integrated SPCAF SharePoint CodeAnalysis Framework
  • Integrated SPCop SharePoint CodeCheck
  • Added SP2013 MasterPage and PageLayout templates


  • Removed support for Visual Studio 2008/2010 (use SPSF 3.2)
  • Removed support for Hive project structure (use SPSF 3.2)
  • Removed support for MOSS2007
  • Renamed SharePointTargets.targets to SPSF.targets
  • Removed Farm Solution Deployment recipes (use VS or CKSDev instead), sandboxed solution and quick deploy are still included.
  • Removed debugging recipes (use VS or CKSDev instead)
  • Removed configuration project template
  • SharePoint project will still create WSP on every build but won't copy them to the deployment project
  • Deployment project collects all WSPs from the whole solution and has a build dependency on als SharePoint projects
  • Updated SharePoint version recipe to include all known SharePoint versions
  • Updated images to look nicer in VS2012
  • Selection treeviews now sorted and "[Elements in this solution]" is now on the top to find elements easier.
  • Improved general usability of dialogs/wizards


  • Administration page recipe now generates designer.cs
  • Application page recipe now generates designer.cs
  • Uses any StyleCop Version
  • Fixed Feature Dependency dialog to show again "[Elements in this solution]"
  • Fixed Ribbon Tab Recipe
  • Fixed PSScript Recipe
  • Fixed Sequential Workflow not naming constructor correctly
  • Fixed multiple minor bugs and issues

Known Bugs

  • Project templates are not yet working, to add a new SharePoint project use the VS standard templates, move the project into the "Solutions" folder and run the "Update Project to current SPSF version" recipe
  • Site Definitions recipes are not yet updated to SP2013

v3.2 (2012-02-13)

New Recipes

  • Menu "List And Doc": Linq to SharePoint (imports the schema of several lists to LINQ classes)
  • Menu "BCS": Simple BCS Model
  • Menu "BCS": Import BCS Model from Database
  • Menu "BCS": Model BCS Model with classes
  • Menu "BCS": Quick Deploy BCS Model (undeploys/deploys BCS model via powershell)
  • Menu "Security": Minimal CAS, Medium CAS, recipes for single CAS Policy Items etc.
  • Menu "ASP.NET": WCF Webservice
  • code snippets added, partly from Thx to Ayman El-Hattab (
  • Added custom FxCopDictionary to allow project specific exclusions for abbreviations, keyword, acronyns etc. Dictionary will be automatically used in Realase build configuration.


  • ParametersDefault.msbuild sets RestartIIS to false by default
  • ParametersDefault.msbuild updated sample structure to allow easy setup of multiple deployment environments
  • In selection form of fields or content types the group is displayed (e.g. for field "Title" there are 6 results and no difference)
  • SharePointVersions.xml with current version numbers
  • Added BCS extensions (DBML, BDCM) to function "IsExcludedExtension" to avoid that model layout is saved to the WSP file
  • Change default.aspx in site defition Team Site and Blank Site to version 2010
  • In feature selection dialog a existing feature of allowed scope is selected by default
  • StartDeploy.bat: Made verbosity for ULSLogger configurable (previously it was always diagnostic)

Bug Fixes

  • Deployment.msbuild added " by default for stsadm path
  • Deployment.targets corrected stsadm and powershell examples
  • Codeplex ID 6253: Typo for Ribbon Group Document
  • Codeplex ID 6170: Webservice Error creating WSDL and DISCO when Windows SDK is not installed
  • Codeplex ID 6190: Code Snippets are not correct
  • Corrected FxCopConsoleOutput.xls to display Critical and Errors of FXCop in Release build as errors instead of warnings in the Error List of VS
  • Create inital .csproj.user with SiteDebuggingUrl for SharePoint WSP projects
  • ListInstance recipe refrenced language resources in global resource file, instead of feature resource file
  • Search for gacutil fixed
  • SharePointTargets.targets for HIVE: added parameter for text templating generation (" -P <path to referenced assemblies>") to allow loading of assemblies needed for SafeControl entry
  • SharePointTargets.targets: Changed $(IsDesktopBuild) to $(BuildingInsideVisualStudio) to allow team build in TFS 2010
  • MSBuild ULSLogger: Changed date format to InvariantCulture to overcome issues with ULSViewer
  • MSBuild ULSLogger: Applying log level to all messages to be able to reduce file size of log files for larger deployments

v3.1.2.2008 (2011-05-24)

  • Recipe "ContentType": Add attribute Inherits="True" by default to ContentTypes
  • All Recipes: Changed boolean attributes to uppercase value ("TRUE" instead of "true")
  • Recipe "Empty Feature": Changed name of feature receiver class to make it more readable
  • Recipe "Empty Feature": Added method FeatureUpgrading to feature receiver template
  • DeploymentTargets.msbuild: Better sample for PowerShell execution during deployment
  • Deployment.msbuild: Moved BeforeDeploy later to ensure stable undeployment
  • SharePointTargets.targets: Moved quality checks at the end to execute checks at last step during build
  • Upgrade Setup for VS2008 to WIX 3.5
  • Fix in ListInstance Recipe: Attribute FeatureId points to correct parent feature id of list template
  • Fix: If no projects are in the solution add new WSP created a HIVE template instead of VS template

v3.1.2.1804 (2011-04-19)

  • Fix in MSBuild task because of timeout issue of a customer
  • Fix in SharePointTargets.targets for customer TeamBuild


  • Improved installer (support for deinstallation of previous versions)
  • Fix in SharePointTargets.targets for a customer
  • changed installation to "AllUsers" for central provision of SPSF in companies


  • Fixed recipe "ListInstance", Attribute "FeatureId" not set correctly


  • Fixed recipe "Migrate solution to current SPSF version", file SharePointTargets.targets not updated

v3.1 (2011-03-21)

New Recipes

  • Migration of projects created with previous SPSF versions
  • New recipes for Silverlight
  • New recipes for PowerShell
  • New recipes for ribbons
  • New recipes for Upgrade Actions for Features
  • New recipes for application resources and classresources
  • New recipes for workflows
  • New recipes for Site Definitions
  • Reworked multilanguage with resources


Project Structure
  • Fully supports VS 2010 solution format
  • Removed Texttemplating in VS2010 format (not needed anymore)
  • Added fix in SharePointTargets.targets for sandboxed solutions
  • Supports Team Build on TFS for 2008 and 2010 solutions (2010 need /p:isPackaging=true parameter)
  • Support Quality Checks FxCop, StyleCop 4.4, SPDisposeChecker, SPCop
  • Added support for deployment of sandboxed solutions
  • Reworked msbuild deployment scripts, now completely based on custom msbuild tasks

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bugs for Site Columns, Application Pages>
  • Content Type Custom Forms
  • List Defnition, List Instances

v3.0.2 beta (2010-09-28)

  • Fixed "path to long"-exception during installation in VS 2010 on 32bit systems
  • SharePointBridge crash on Windows 7 (64bit) systems

v3.0.1 beta (2010-09-26)

  • Support for Visual Studio 2010
  • Support for SharePoint 2010

v2.4.3 beta (2010-02-27)

  • WSPBuilder support
  • Simple Application now with optional multilanguage support
  • Extending deployment skript for large deployments
  • Fixing issues with Windows Server 2003 x64
  • Added validation of wizards for Import Site Column, Import Content Type, Import List Definition
  • Fixed issue with webapp deployment

v2.4.2 (2010-02-12)

  • Complete installation which guides you through the installation of all required components
  • BugFixes for 3 Recipes: Import List Instance, Import List Template, Import Content Type
  • Changed installer to .NET 2.0

v2.0 (2009-02-05)

  • Support for Visual Studio 2008

v1.0 (2008-01-19)

  • Initial version with support for Visual Studio 2005
  • Initial version with support for SharePoint 2007