Blank Site Definition

Adds a custom blank site definition

Recipe Description

The BalnkSite Definition is a standard site definition which does not contain any lists or libraries.
This site definition can be used as a starting point to create a custom site definition
based on the default out of the box configuration which comes with WSS.



Name Description
General settings
Name Required Text. Specify the name of the folder which will be created in folder SiteTemplates. Limited to 255 characters. The name has to be unique within the project of this solution. It should not contain whitespaces or special characters.
Title Required Text. Title of the site template as it appears in the selection of Create Site dialog. Limited to 255 characters.
ID Required Number. Id of the site template. Should be unique on the farm and greater than 10000.
Description Required Text. Longer description of the purpose of this site definition.
Category Required Text. Title of the cateogry in which the site definition should appear in the Create Site dialog. Limited to 255 characters.
Advanced settings
Hidden Optional Boolean. If TRUE hides the site definition from the Create Site dialog. Creation of sites with this definition through code will be still possible.
RootWebOnly Optional Boolean. If TRUE the site created from the configuration can only exist as the root Web site in a site collection. This attribute is not enforced in site templates (.stp files).
Visibility Feature Dependency Optional Text. Optional Text. Used in a WebTemp*.xml file to hide the site definition configuration based on the activation state of the specified Feature. This attribute is not supported for Features with Web application scope.



  • Torsten Mandelkow
  • Matthias Einig

Version history

  • 1.1 Updated Documentation
  • 1.0 Initial Recipe