Custom Action for Site

Adds a custom action to a site



Name Description
Location settings
Menu Location
Rights Optional Text. Specifies a set of rights that the user must have in order for the link to be visible. If not specified, then the action always appears in the list of actions. The set of rights are grouped logically according to AND logic.
Custom Actions Settings
Title Required Text. Specifies the end user description for this action.
Description Optional Text. Specifies a longer description for the action that is exposed as a tooltip or sub-description for the action.
Sequence Optional Integer. Specifies the ordering priority for actions.
Advanced Settings
Custom Action ID Optional Text. Specifies a unique identifier for the custom action. The ID may be a GUID, or it may be a unique term, for example, "HtmlViewer".
Url Settings
Type of action Required. Select the type of action that should be performed after click.
Url Page Optional Text. Select a page where the custom action should link to. Only required if field 'Type of action' is 'UrlAction'.
Use URL Prefix Optional Text. Select the prefix which should be placed at the beginning of the url action.


  • Torsten Mandelkow

Version history

  • 1.0 Initial Recipe