Page Layout

Adds a page layout to the current selected project.

Recipe Description

The recipe creates a page layout, which can be made available in a publising site for a specific content type (i.e. news).
Page layouts dictate, along with master pages, the overall look and feel of your SharePoint Publishing site.
Master pages contain controls that are shared across multiple page layouts, such as navigation, search, or language-preference for multilingual sites.
Page layouts contain field controls and Web Parts.



Name Description
Page Layout Settings
Page Layout Content Type Required Content Type. Content Type of this Page Layout.
Name Required Text. Name of the Page Layout class file. Limited to 255 characters. The name has to be unique within the project of this solution. It should not contain whitespaces or special characters.
Title Required Text. Title (friendly name) of the Page Layout. Limited to 255 characters.
Description Optional Text. Description of the Page Layout.



  • Torsten Mandelkow
  • Matthias Einig

Version history

  • 1.1 Updated Documentation
  • 1.0 Initial Recipe