Reflection Permission

Adds a ReflectionPermission to the project

Recipe Description

The recipe adds a line for the permission to the Package.Template.xml (for VS 2010 projects) or to the file CASPolicy.txt (for HIVE projects). Warning: Existing permissions with the same name are replaced completely.


Name Description
Permission Level Required text. AllFlags: TypeInformation, MemberAccess, and ReflectionEmit are set. MemberAccess: Invocation of operations on all type members is allowed. If this flag is not set, only invocation of operations on visible type members is allowed. NoFlags: No reflection is allowed on types that are not visible. ReflectionEmit: Use of System.Reflection.Emit is allowed. TypeInformation: Reflection is allowed on members of a type that are not visible.
Unrestricted Optional Boolean. If Unrestricted is true, the value of Permission Level will be ignored.


  • Torsten Mandelkow

Version history

  • 1.0 Initial Recipe