Site Column

Adds a site column to the current selected feature


Name Description
Site Column Type
ID Required Text. Specifies the GUID of the field.
Name Required Text. The name of a field. This is the internal name of a field and is guaranteed never to change for the lifetime of the field definition. It must be unique with respect to the set of fields in a list. The name is autogenerated based on the user-defined name for a field.
Display Name Optional Text. The displayed name for a field. There is no restriction on text size or use of spaces. The display name can be edited by the user and can change after initial field creation. This name is used as a column heading when the field is displayed in a table view and as a form label when the field is displayed in a form. The FieldName tag returns the display name if given; otherwise, it defaults to the Name attribute.
Description Optional Text. Provides the description that is shown in the edit form for a list if a field description is specified. By default, fields in Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services do not have descriptions.
Group Optional Text. Specifies the column group to which the field belongs.



  • Torsten Mandelkow

Version history

  • 1.0 Initial Recipe