SharePoint CmdLet

Adds a SharePoint cmdlet to the project which does not use objects from the pipe (e.g. Start-MyCustomJob). The recipe creates the cmdlet class, the xml for the registration in SharePoint and a corresponding help file to store help information about the cmdlet.

Recipe Description

The custom cmdlet can be used in powershell scripts (.ps1) to run adminstration jobs for instance, e.g. 'Start-MyCustomJob'.
Use command "Get-Help Start-MyCustomJob' to display a detailed help information.
Use command "Get-Command Start-MyCustomJob' to display general information.



Name Description
Generated Command Optional String. Displays the final command
Verb Required String. Enter the verb e.g. "Start", "Stop", "Backup".
Noun Required String. Enter the operation or object type e.g. "SPSiteByName".
Description Required String. Enter the a short description of the cmdlet (used in help file).



  • Torsten Mandelkow

Version history

  • 1.0 Initial Recipe