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Creating Office add-ins – using ADAL JS and the Office 365 Unified API

Since my last post on Azure Analytics (thanks to everyone that shared) and now that it is summer and things are calming down a bit, I wanted to play around a little with all the new shiny stuff that is getting released by Microsoft around Office 365, Azure and SharePoint. Today I’m going to focus on […]

Enforcing Good Development Practices in SharePoint

When building out SharePoint systems more often than not some element of custom code will be involved. This is especially true if the requirements are challenging or don’t quite stick to traditional ‘out of the box’ SharePoint behaviour. In SharePoint 2013 this could mean the use of JavaScript, C#, VB.Net, even PHP or Ruby to […]

SharePoint health check (2): Extracting Customizations

This post is the second of a series explaining how to audit your SharePoint farm. SharePoint health check (1): Auditing the SharePoint farm SharePoint health check (2): Extracting Customizations (this post) SharePoint health check (3): Auditing Customizations Extracting Customizations from the Farm When auditing the customizations of your SharePoint farm, the first step is to retrieve all of them in their currently […]

Five reasons to avoid ‘Full Trust’ solutions in SharePoint

In SharePoint 2007 Microsoft introduced the ability to extend SharePoint’s capabilities with ‘Full Trust’ or ‘Farm Solutions’, which was a major improvement in standardizing the packaging and deployment of customizations. Such a solution could be sets of custom web parts, timer jobs and web templates written in server-side languages like C#. All code had ‘Full Trust’ (or at […]