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IT Pro fear no more! Introducing the SPCAF PowerShell CmdLet

Attention IT Pros! This time we have something for you! We are happy to announce the availability of the new SPCAF PowerShell CmdLet enabling you to analyze the code quality of your SharePoint solutions (.wsp) and apps (.apps) in your solution deployment scripts, your farm health checks or anywhere else you are using PowerShell to automate […]

SharePoint health check (3): Auditing Customizations

This post is the third of a series explaining how to audit your SharePoint farm. SharePoint health check (1): Auditing the SharePoint farm SharePoint health check (2): Extracting Customizations SharePoint health check (3): Auditing Customizations (this post) Analyzing the Customizations In the previous post we retrieved all code customizations with the help of a little PowerShell script. In order […]