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Enforcing Good Development Practices in SharePoint

When building out SharePoint systems more often than not some element of custom code will be involved. This is especially true if the requirements are challenging or don’t quite stick to traditional ‘out of the box’ SharePoint behaviour. In SharePoint 2013 this could mean the use of JavaScript, C#, VB.Net, even PHP or Ruby to […]

SharePoint Software Factory for VS2012 released

Finally, after quite some effort, Torsten and I migrated the SharePoint Software Factory to Visual Studio 2012, also thanks to Microsoft releasing the Guidance Automation Toolkit for VS2012. The new version SPSF4.1 comes only as Visual Studio extension available directly from the Visual Studio Gallery. We removed the installation helper from the previous versions as […]

Activate Safari 3 Web Inspector

Debugging HTML Code, CSS and JavaScript is an essential Task for Web Developers: Every Browser has its own toolset for that: Firefox has Firebug Internet Explorer has Internet Explorer Toolbar Opera has the Web Developer Toolbar So what do we poor Safari developers have???