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SharePoint health check (2): Extracting Customizations

This post is the second of a series explaining how to audit your SharePoint farm. SharePoint health check (1): Auditing the SharePoint farm SharePoint health check (2): Extracting Customizations (this post) SharePoint health check (3): Auditing Customizations Extracting Customizations from the Farm When auditing the customizations of your SharePoint farm, the first step is to retrieve all of them in their currently […]

Five reasons to avoid ‘Full Trust’ solutions in SharePoint

In SharePoint 2007 Microsoft introduced the ability to extend SharePoint’s capabilities with ‘Full Trust’ or ‘Farm Solutions’, which was a major improvement in standardizing the packaging and deployment of customizations. Such a solution could be sets of custom web parts, timer jobs and web templates written in server-side languages like C#. All code had ‘Full Trust’ (or at […]