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SharePoint Online Client Object Model and PowerShell: Three tips

Over the years, SharePoint has evolved a lot and the powerful tool we know today has undergone some serious developments. SharePoint developers working on configuration of the platform for specific needs have seen solutions to their design needs improve too. However, it’s not always clear exactly which to use and when, so this post will […]

SharePoint health check (2): Extracting Customizations

This post is the second of a series explaining how to audit your SharePoint farm. SharePoint health check (1): Auditing the SharePoint farm SharePoint health check (2): Extracting Customizations (this post) SharePoint health check (3): Auditing Customizations Extracting Customizations from the Farm When auditing the customizations of your SharePoint farm, the first step is to retrieve all of them in their currently […]

Building your own extension for SPSD

SharePoint Solution Deployer (SPSD) has grown to a quite big script and even though it supported custom targets/events from the beginning, it was fairly difficult to update SPSD and also re-use your custom PowerShell commands without intensive testing. The new extension system introduced with the recently released SPSD5 solves these problems. What is an extension? Basically […]

SPSD 5 released!

Finally after long developing and testing I released the next major release of the SharePoint Solution Deployer PowerShell script! SharePoint Solution Deployer, short SPSD, is a highly configurable but easy to use PowerShell script to deploy WSPs to SharePoint 2010/2013. It runs important prerequisite checks, post deployment actions and allows to “hook” in your custom […]

Re-open accidentally closed WebParts in a publishing page

Recently I had the problem that WebParts which were placed in WebPart zones on a publishing page were accidentally “closed”. The usual way this can happen is if a page editor uses the “close” menuitem in the WebParts menu while editing the page. Unfortunately in my case it was a little more complex: As you […]